Automatic Account Registration

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Automatic account registration allows users to bypass the typical login page and be brought to a terms and conditions page or simply the splash page.

Configure Preferences

A number of preferences are required to be set for users to have accounts created automatically. These preferences need to be set for any profile where the users will create accounts automatically, or for the default profile to apply the settings for all users.

Allow MAC Based Authentication = On
Allow MAC Based Authentication Without Splash = Off
Collect Username and Passwords = Off
MAC Authentication Automatically Create Accounts = On


Note: "Allow MAC Based Authentication Without Splash" can be turned on to automatically create accounts as soon as a DHCP request is made. That will allow the WiDirect to simply track the accounts that connect, and not give any splash page to the users. DHCP Authentication needs to be enabled as well.

Configure Command Line Options

You also want to make sure there is only one access plan available to the users, and that it is free. If there is more than one plan available then the user will be asked to pick a plan.