Automatic Configuration of Access Points

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The WiDirect and WiClient are both able to automatically configure certain brands of access points. The amount of functionality that is integrated with the WiDirect varies between vendors. The access points supported for this functionality are listed below:

  • EnGenius ECB3500
  • EnGenius ECB9500
  • Engenius EAP9550
  • EnGenius EAP300
  • BelAir 20E

Some models may have more support than the others. It is recommended, and in some cases required, that the APs be on up to date firmware versions for the WiDirect or WiClient to be able to configure the access point. The firmware out of the box may not be new enough for the WiDirect to configure the access point properly. The EnGenius APs will automatically be configured with the correct IP address when a new AP is detected based on the serial number of MAC address on the access point page. For the BelAir 20E access point the device will need to manually be configured with the proper IP address.

Under the AP Configuration menu there are configuration pages for the different access points models. On those pages you can set the desired configuration for the access points, and the access points will be updated at regular intervals. Settings such as the channel, SSID, and encryption settings can be set to be automatically configured. At the bottom of the page certain options are able to be configured individually on each access point.