Configure FirstData Hosted Payment Gateway

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This page describes how to setup a WiDirect to use the FirstData Hosted payment page.

Configure FirstData Payment Page

The FirstData account needs to have a payment page setup. Most likely a new one will need to be created, so choose the option to "Create a new Payment Page."

On the first page enter an appropriate title and notification Email. The "Return to your Site" URL should be ""

On the receipt page choose either the first or second receipt link method is recommended. The Receipt Link URL should be". The Silent Post URL should be set as ""

All other options can be customized as needed. The payment page should be customized to include all the standard address fields. On the Hash Calculator page the Login and Transaction Key can be recorded for entry on the WiDirect Payment Gateways screen.

Add Payment Gateway to WiDirect

On the Payment Gateways screen add a new payment gateway. Four values need to be entered:

Type: First Data GGe4 Hosted
Login: Payment Page ID
Key: Transaction Key

Configure WiClient/WiDirect Firewall

The firewall must be updated to allow access to the FirstData site. In the global ruleset section add the line below to permit unauthenticated access to the payment page.

FirewallDynamicRule allow tcp port 443 to

Also the walled garden should include a number of sites: