Configure FirstData WiDirect Payment Gateway

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This payment method collects the credit card data on the WiDirect itself. Before completing these steps it is important to be sure an SSL certificate is installed on your WiDirect and access is secured by updating the default passwords for both SSH and web access.

On the Payment Gateways page create a new payment gateway and set the type to be "FirstData GGe4." The details that need to be filled in on the payment gateway screen are listed as Login, Key, Key ID, Password, and URL.

Most of these values are found by clicking "Terminals" on the main First Data page, and then choosing the terminal you are using. The information needed will be in the Details and API Access tabs, and below this paragraph is a description of which fields on the WiDirect correspond to which fields on the FirstData administrator page.

For the password and HMAC keys you will need to generate new values, as you are only able to see them when they are first generated. Don't forget to hit update after generating those values so that they are saved, and be careful updating those if you have any other systems using the payment terminal as they will need to be updated with the new values to continue functioning.

Login-Gateway ID on Details tab
Password-Password on Details tab
Key ID-Key id on API access tab
Key-Hmac key on API access tab
URL-Use URL given to you, most likely similar to

Unnecessary fields:

Email-Not used
Profile-Should be left blank to allow gateway to be used on all profiles. Only need a value here if using different gateways on different profiles.