Configure WiDirect UAM Support

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Install the updates:

From the command line run "sudo yum clean all", "sudo yum update awicp*", and then "sudo yum install awicp_radiusmodules".

Modify configuration files

Run "sudo nano /etc/raddb/sites-available/default" and add the text "widirectuam" to both the authorize and accounting sections.

Be sure the client name and shared secret is added to the clients.conf file as well. This file can be modified directly through the GUI page on the WiDirect. The Radius page is under the Services menu.

The API must be enabled by modifying the “/root/AWICP/etc/api-config.php” file. Be sure the value “true” is set on the api_enabled line. Also set a desired username and password. Next run “nano /etc/raddb/modules/widirectuam” and update the file to look like this:

widirectuam {
 widirectserver = ""
 widirectusername = "user"
 widirectpassword = "pass"

Be sure to restart Radius after making these changes. Radius can be restarted either from the GUI or by hitting the restart link or by applying a configuration change.

Modify GUI settings

On the WiDirect there is a UAM menu item under the System Config menu. On the UAM page you can set the UAM secret that the WiDirect will use. The secret should match the secret on the WiDirect.