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Currently the only information about bandwidth that is available on the web interface is the amount of bytes sent/received by each user, but more information is available using the terminal. On Windows you can use PuTTY to connect to connect to the IP address of the WiDirect (PuTTY can be downloaded at Connecting to WiDirect

Finding Overall Bandwidth with bwm-ng

Type command "bwm-ng" to actively monitor how much bandwidth is being used by everyone. Typing "u" while running changes the display from KB to Kb, which may be a more helpful measurement. Hitting "+" a few times to increase the amount of time it is taking a sample of helps also. You can also hit "t" to switch between the current rate, average, and maximum while the program was running.

Individual User's Bandwidth with iptraf

Since iptraf is not installed by default, the first time you will need to install it by typing the command "sudo yum install iptraf". For security you will be prompted for your password again. Type "sudo iptraf" at command prompt. Select lan station monitor, then eth1. This page lists each user by their MAC address, and their average download bandwidth they have used while the program is opened is listed in the right column (in Kb/s).

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