Multiple access plans per user

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WiDirect Version 3.0 now supports multiple access plans per user. A user will be asked to select a new plan if their current plan is not valid for the profile where they are currently located. After picking a new plan the user will then be able to use his or her account at either location. Previous versions would not allow the login at all in this situation, and would require the user to create a new account.


Each active plan the user is on will be displayed on the user details screen. If the account is expired then the most recent expired plan will be displayed. An old expired plan may not be displayed for expired users that activated their account prior to upgrading to WiDirect 2.0.

Additional status fields are now available. One status field represents the user's overall account status, and additional status fields are available for each of the access plans the user is associated with. To mark a plan as expired simply change the status of the plan to be expired. To disable a user change the user's account status to be disabled.