Quickly Configure EnGenius Access Points

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This page describes how to quickly configure EnGenius EAP300 and EAP9550 access points.

The first step is to add the access points to the AP database. For each AP you should set the name, IP address, MAC address, and the serial number. For a new AP the IP will be set automatically from the default IP based on the serial number in the database.

For the WiDirect to be able to access the access points on the default subnet, it is required that a subinterface be created on the WiDirect. are reserved, so you should set a subinterface on the WiDirect to an IP above

To quickly configure the access points by hand first run these commands to stop some of the running services:

sudo /sbin/service awicp_watchdog stop
sudo /sbin/service awicp_ap_snmp_monitor stop

To search for and configure a new AP run the command for the AP you are using:

/root/AWICP/bin/awicp_eap300.pl search
/root/AWICP/bin/awicp_eap9550.pl search

The command will take a few minutes to configure a new access point, and a lot of output will be displayed during the configuration. After the command is done an additional access point can be plugged in and the same command can be run again.

After you have completed the configuration run these commands to start the services again:

sudo /sbin/service awicp_watchdog start
sudo /sbin/service awicp_ap_snmp_monitor start

Note: The above instructions assume you are using the most recent WiDirect upgrade, made available 5/25/2012. Please run the update command below if the above instructions do not work:

sudo yum update awicp*