Recurring Payments with CIM

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The WiDirect supports recurring payments using CIM module. To setup recurring payments both an payment gateway and an CIM payment gateway need to be added on the WiDirect. The regular payment gateway should be set to be disabled so that it does not appear on the purchase screen. It will be used internally for single one-time payments. If using recurring billing there must be only one payment gateway added, and one CIM payment gateway

This document explains how to configure a WiDirect to automatically charge a user’s credit card when their account is due to renew. Configuring recurring billing requires careful configuration of the payment gateways so that the payments are processed properly. Setting up recurring billing also requires

Payment Gateways

You need to add both an payment gateway, and an CIM payment gateway. The regular payment gateway should have the URL "" and the status should be set to disabled. The status is disabled because it won't show up on the payment option list by default, but it still may be used internally if a user signs up for a non-recurring plan and chooses not to save their credit card information. The login and key should be set to the API login and key provided by The CIM payment gateway should be added on the payment gateway page with the URL "" and the status should be active. There should be no other payment gateways created.

Access Plans

To make an access plan bill automatically set the "Recurring" option to "Yes" and the number of occurrences to be the number of times that the plan will bill. Use a large number for the occurrences to make it bill indefinitely.

User Details

Users who have an active profile will have that information listed on their user details page. That profile must be removed before the user can be deleted.


There are branding options for the successful and failed payment e-mails. These are currently only pulled from the "default" profile, so will need to add a profile called "default" to edit them. The payment e-mails will come from the address specified on "EMAIL_SUPPORT_ADDRESS" option on the preferences page,. The payment emails will also CC to that address. Emails are only sent for automatic payments, not initial payments. You can also edit the branding of the account edit page. The account edit page is where a user can update their account or credit card information. You will want to link to this page from the failed payment e-mail so they can update their information if their card is declined.

Failed Payments

If a user has an active profile with and their card is declined the failed payment e-mail will be sent. The user will have an opportunity to update their account information. There will be additional attempts made 24 and 48 hours later. If the payment is still denied on the 3rd attempt then the account will be expired.

Activating Accounts

If there is an old expired account that still has a payment profile with, simply changing the status to be "Active" will bill the user again. Changing a user's status to Active does not change their registration date. A user on a regular plan would be automatically expired again. A user on a recurring plan will be billed again. The proper way to reactivate a user with a new registration date is to use the Change User Plan option at the bottom of the user details page. This will mark the account active, and will prevent an immediate attempt to expire/charge the account again.

Making a Payment

When signing up for a recurring plan the user is of course forced to save their credit card information. If they are making a one time payment they have the option of either saving their credit card information or not saving it. If the user does choose to save their credit card information then the next time they renew they have the option of using their old credit card.

Update Account

Users can edit their credit card information by going to https://WiDirect/portal/update. It would be helpful to give links to this page from the login page and failed payment e-mails so users know how to update their credit card information. This is only used for accounts that are active on a recurring plan.