Release Notes Version 3.2

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Release Date: November 19, 2014


  • UAM Support
  • New firewall options when connectivity is lost to the WiDirect
  • Support for PayPal Direct and First Data GGe4 payment methods.
  • Added filter by WiClient on Active Users page.
  • Added filter by status on User List page.
  • Multiple access time restrictions are allowed per user.
  • Increased access plan connection time limit setting from 90 days.
  • Improved support for Ericsson SmartEdge.
  • Improvements to logic when using vouchers or MAC based authentication.
  • Multiple Radius servers now supported for authentication. New account prefix option is available to distinguish local accounts from remote accounts.
  • Bug fixes, security enhancements, and improved system error reporting.

Update Notes

Several options have moved from the command line to the GUI. These options will need to be configured again on the Preferences page if they have been changed from their default values.

  • Show Login Text: (Default On) Turn off to disable the extra branding that is displayed on the login page. When disabled the login form will be the absolute minimum needed.
  • MAC Authentication Display Proceed Page: (Default On) When enabled, and DHCP authentication is disabled, users who are authenticated by MAC will be displayed a splash page and will be asked to click proceed. Disable this option to simply display a final splash screen to users.
  • MAC Authentication Automatically Create Accounts: (Default Off) Enable this option to allow for accounts to be automatically created for users. For this option to work then MAC authentication must be on, usernames and passwords must be turned off, and only one valid plan should be available for the users.

DHCP authentication has been changed and any custom DHCP server previously installed has been removed. If doing MAC authentication from DHCP requests then the line below should be added to the firewall configuration.

domacauthfromdhcpd 1

If updating a WiDirect from 2.x or 1.x please see the 3.0 release notes as well. The update from older versions can cause a network outage depending on how large the network is. Updating from 3.0 or 3.1 should not cause any downtime.

Update Commands:

From command line:

su -
yum clean all
yum update awicp*