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An SSH client is required in order to access the command line interface of the WiDirect. AllCity Wireless recommends using putty, which is a free download at this website:

By opening putty, or another SSH client, connect to the IP address of the WiDirect machine. By default, this IP address is on the ETH1 interface. However, if the IP address of any of the WiDirect's interface has changed, the new IP address should be the one that used in the SSH connection. If you are accessing from the Internet, you'll want to use the public IP address of the WiDirect.

Once connected, the system will ask for a login and password. For security reasons, the root username can not be used. Administrators must use the portal login to gain access. The account awisupport is also available for SSH logins. If this is a new system, the password will be widirect. Since command line access gives full control over the WiDirect, including the ability to look up passwords to the web GUI, it is important that a secure password be set.

Once connected, administrators are free to use any of the standard Unix commands to navigate the system. To perform any advanced configuration changes we strongly suggest using the sudo command instead of switching to the root user. See the sudo section below for more information.

To exit the command line interface, use the logout command or CONTROL-D.

NOTE: If editing files, consult the VI quick reference guide located in this document.

Using sudo commands

For security reasons, the WiDirect to allows the portal user to run the sudo process without switching to the root user, which allows root level access to various parts of the system. Only top-level Administrators should have the root password.

To use sudo, append the word sudo in front of any command. For example, to edit the iptables file, which is owned by root, use the following command.

sudo emacs /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Sudo prompts for the portal password, not root password. This is done to verify that it's still the person that originally connected to the SSH process.

Sudo works for any commands that require root access.

Changing the password

It is a good idea to change the password of the portal user. When logged in as the portal user, use the passwd command and select a new secure password.

There is also an account that is used by the support staff to perform maintenance and monitor for problems. This password should be set by the support staff to something secure. To change the password on this account, execute the following command:

sudo passwd awisupport

Using emacs to edit files

Emacs is a command line text editor that can be used to view and edit various files on the WiDirect. The following command can be used to view the system log:

sudo emacs /var/log/messages

Once the editing window is open you can scroll through with the arrow keys on the keyboard. At anytime you can exit by pressing Control-X, followed by Control-C.