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There are two steps to setting up the automatic web proxy to the access points. The first is to configure the access point page to display the link. The second is to enable the proxy service on the WiDirect. This document does not discuss all the necessary steps to secure the web proxy. It is recommended that you either monitor the use of the proxy or take additional steps to secure it.

Edit the AP status page to show the links to the AP with these commands:

sudo emacs /root/AWICP/www/portal/admin/ap_status.php

Look for this line:

     $showConfigure = false;

Change that false to be true and press Control-X, Control-C to save.

The next step is to enable the proxy service on the WiClient. Run this command:

    sudo emacs /root/AWICP/www/portal/proxy/index.php

Delete the two lines at the top of that file that contain a warning message and an exit command. Save and exit that file. Then run these two commands:

    sudo chmod -R 777 /root/AWICP/www/portal/proxy
    sudo emacs /root/AWICP/www/portal/proxy/install.php

Delete line 84 of that file. Save and exit that. Then in a browser run the install script for the proxy using this URL:

Click the next button a few times and the install should be complete. The AP status page will then have links to configure the access points.