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WiDirect version 1.3 includes an improved Walled Garden setup. The new changes allow the walled garden to include any site, as well as sites that are linked from that site. The list of sites in the walled garden can be dynamically updated at a given frequency.

Two methods for Walled Garden site entry:

  • Static: Enter a list of domains that the user should be allowed to access without logging in.
  • Dynamic: Enter a list of web sites that the user should be allowed to access without logging in, along with the number of links that the user should be allowed to follow. The web sites entered will be crawled, and the walled garden domains will be dynamically populated with the domains found from the links on those sites.


To have the list of sites in the Walled Garden updated dynamically, make sure the box in the middle is checked. Then enter the sites that should be searched in the second text box. Settings:

  • Frequency: How frequently the sites should be checked for new links. Loading the sites can be a bandwidth intensive operation, so it is not recommended that this be done any more frequently than is necessary.
  • Depth: The number of links deep that will be checked from each starting site. Setting this number to one will add all domains that are linked from the original site to the walled garden. Setting this number to two will also include all domains that are linked from those sites. It is not a good idea to set this to a high number, but to add more sites at a lower depth instead.
  • Bandwidth: The amount of bandwidth to use when searching the sites for links. Setting the crawler to use less bandwidth will take longer, but may have less of an impact on network performance.

Additional Features:

  • The default depth setting can be overridden for any of the sites by specifying the depth after the URL. For example, if the default depth is set to 3 and you want another domain added that should that should not be crawled, enter the domain followed by a 0.
  • To restrict a site from appearing in the Walled Garden list, enter the domain on a line by itself with a minus at the beginning.


  • You definitely want to test the accuracy of the walled garden crawler after using it. You should visit the sites that were crawled and make sure they load correctly. You may have to still manually add some domains to make everything display correctly.

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