WiDirect Backup Steps

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To backup a WiDirect or WiClient, first SSH to the WiDirect and run the following commands:

su -
cd /root/AWICP/bin 
sudo ./doBackup.sh 

This will create a backup image of the WiDirect. After the backup is complete, the system will prompt: Would you like to burn this backup directly to a CD[y/n]

If a CD backup is desired you must connect a USB recordable CD drive to the WiDirect, insert a BLANK recordable CD into a USB CD drive and enter 'y', otherwise type 'n' and Enter.

After the backup is complete, the WiDirect will tell you where the backup tar file is on the WiDirect, which can be retrieved via SCP to another server.

When complete you can pull the file from /root/backup-XXXXXX.tar.gz To SCP the backup file to another server, use this command:

scp /root/backup-XXXXXX.tar.gz username@a.b.c.d:. 

(Where username and a.b.c.d are actual hostanames and IP addresses) Backup files can also be saved to a thumb drive with the following commands:

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt 
sudo cp /root/backup-XXXXXXXX.tar.gz /mnt/. 
sudo umount /dev/sdb1 

You can also copy the backup file to the portal directory, and then download it using a utility such as WinSCP. To copy the file to the portal directory run these commands:

cp /root/backup-XXXXXXX.tar.gz /home/portal
chmod a+rw /root/backup-XXXX