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Version 3.2 provides new options for what to do when connectivity is lost to the WiDirect. These options are controlled by setting the "authdownaction" in the firewall configuration to one of the following values:

  • restricted: Users already authenticated on the WiClient will continue to be allowed out. New users will not be allowed to connect.
  • permit: All users will be permitted access while the WiDirect is offline.
  • deny: All users will be denied access while the WiDirect is offline.
  • none:(Default) No action taken when WiDirect is offline.

An additional option is available, authdowncount, that controls how long to wait before the WiDirect is marked as offline. By default the counter is in minutes.

Example firewall configuration:

authdownaction permit
autdowncount 5

It is important to note that for the restricted, permit, and deny options that the WiClient must be properly added on the WiDirect. If the WiClient is not explicitly listed then users will get a message that access is not permitted from their location.