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How to connect the WiDirect

Each WiDirect comes in a 2 or 4 port configuration. Ethernet port 0 should point to the Internet connection, while the remaining ports should connect to your internal network (Wireless mesh). If the WiDirect will be getting its IP address from automatically from DHCP, then the cable should be plugged in to port 0 before turning the WiDirect on.

Getting Access

The WiDirect comes preconfigured with an IP address on the internal network side of To configure the WiDirect, plug a computer into port 1 and the WiDirect will provide you with an IP address via DHCP.

To start configuring the system, set your browser to

You'll be prompted to enter a login name and password, use username of "admin" and password of "widirect".


You will want to configure all the profiles that the WiDirect will eventually know about. This setting is used for reporting and user branding. Profiles allow you to provide a different user experience in different sections of your network.

Click on Profiles in the left navigation window, and add all the profiles that you think you might need.

Once all the profiles are configured, you will be able to set preferences and branding for each of the profiles that you configured. For more information on these items, consult the WiDirect manual.

Setting up an access plan

In order for users to register on the system, you will need to setup an access plan. Click "Access Plans" and then "Add Access Plan"

To set up a simple plan for testing, create a free access plan by setting the cost to 0. The other settings can be left at their default values.

Click "Create Plan". The plan is now ready to be used.

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