Release Notes Version 2.1

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WiDirect Version 2.1

Release date: 10/26/2012


  • Bug Fixes, security, and stability improvements
  • Additional AP data sent to WiDirect for AP status viewing.
  • Content filtering-List of sites editable from the web.
  • CIM support and recurring billing.
  • LDAP Authentication for logins.
  • Additional options when configuring logins via a RADIUS server.
  • Additional options can be enabled through SSH:
    • Make the user's registration date editable.
    • Allow the user's number of simultaneous connections to be editable.
    • Plan setup costs (charged only the first time they choose a plan on a recurring plan)
  • Reports for number of connections/registrations per hour.
  • Download usage reports per client.
  • User's connection history shows the client the user is using.
  • Improved roaming behind WiClients.
  • Added invoice number and item description to payments.

Update Commands:

From command line:

sudo yum update awicp*