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About AllCity

Since 2005, AllCity Wireless (ACW) has been committed to developing state of the art technology solutions that increase the value of any WiFi network. Starting with Annapolis Wireless, the WiDirect was developed to bring free advertising funded WiFi to thousand of residents and visitors in Annapolis, MD. ACW has since turned the WiDirect into a turn-key solution for any type of public access wireless needs.

Experience in the field is what led to the making of the WiDirect wireless network appliance, a comprehensive, customizable, simple way to spend less money, and get more out of your wireless network. The WiDirect is infinitely customizable so there is no worry about being boxed in to a pre-canned design. If you can dream it, the WiDirect can deliver…and at a price that is the best in the industry. The WiDirect will also work with any vendor’s radio.

ACW employs some of the best wireless technology experts. With years of experience in integrating technology solutions, ACW has helped increase efficiencies and effectiveness for a wide range of private and public organizations. ACW also employs highly skilled software engineers who continue to develop the WiDirect. ACW maintains very high standards for quality of work, which for customers minimizes initial capital outlays, reduces deployment time, lowers operations costs, and increase the value of services overall.

The value of ACW is to bring customers the most sophisticated technology available including the most advanced and secure WiFi network solutions for high-speed data and voice applications. The technology ACW utilizes is some of the same mobile wireless technology currently used by the US military, homeland security, emergency services, and the health care industry.


AllCity Wireless endeavors to provide the highest value to our customers through helping them realize their greatest possible revenue through our products and services. Everything ACW accomplishes is a result of the customers we serve, and therefore our customers share in our success as we continue to develop and engage the public access wireless internet model. ACW will always go above and beyond to make sure our customers receive that maximum benefit from their relationship with us, which in turn, guarantees success for all.


  • Drive – Never Stop Learning or Developing.
  • Quality – Provide the Highest quality to our customers.
  • Value – We prosper through saving our customers time and money.
  • Teamwork – Helping each other learn and grow.
  • Shared Success – Our success is based on team principles.
  • Vision – Understand our business now and how we can influence the future.

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