Configuration / Installation / Support Contracts

Once the WiDirect is live on the customer network and we are provided remote access, we can remotely configure all functionality of the WiDirect:

  • AP database
  • Radius/DHCP configuration files
  • SSID settings and branding
  • User access plan information and credit card billing
  • WiDirect Client configuration (if purchased)
  • Phone support Tier Two and Tier Three
  • On site support in extremely complex setups


  • Remote 24×7 monitoring
  • Up/Down of WiDirect box and services
  • AP up/down monitoring CPU load, DHCP usage, disk space, memory of WiDirect
  • Wireless Gateway status
  • Network Access Point status
  • If anything goes unreachable or crosses a threshold, our system automatically notifies customer via e-mail.


AllCity wireless can provide remote or on site training. WiDirect customers, depending on the service contract purchased, remote training might be included with the initial package. On site training may be purchased separately and is available on a number of subjects. All customers can access the AllCity Wireless support page, which provides a knowledge base, FAQ, software updates, and support trouble tickets.