WiClient is an easy and effective way to expand your network to more places. WiClient can run as an appliance in front of many access points or can turn individual access points into centrally managed WIFI hotspots. If you are running a large scale mesh, or individual APs at thousands of locations, WiClient enables you to expand your network anywhere, all starting for under $300 per location.


• Multiple Service Tiers in any network
• Plug & Play Network Deployment
• Built in network services: RADIUS, DNS, DHCP, Syslog, FTP
• Multiple SSIDs
• Built-In Security Suite
• Automated daily system backups for emergency recovery
• Integrated Network Monitoring with WiFi Mesh Graphs

User Experience Features

• Upsell network access based on time and/or bandwidth
• Walled Garden Support
• Splash Pages
• MAC address based authentication
• Credit Card Processing / Common Payment Gateways
• Site Branding
• User self registration & support