The network I am planning on deploying now is only a fraction of the size it’s going to grow into. Will I have to replace my original WiDirect as I grow?

Not necessarily. The WiDirect has been constructed as a highly scalable piece of equipment, one that can be upgraded to conform to your growing needs. Talk to your sales representative to see which device will fit your needs most accurately


What should I expect to pay in residual fees when using after implementing a WiDirect?

None. The WiDirect is a one time, fixed fee that includes a level of support and maintenance. Additional professional services and support packages can be acquired from AllCity Wireless, depending on your projects level of needs.


What vendors’ equipment is the WiDirect compatible with?

Actually, the WiDirect is vendor agnostic so you can use the vendor of your choosing. Just let your sales representative know which vendor you choose and they will make sure your WiDirect is configured to encompass those devices.


I have two different vendors equipment in the field. Will the WiDirect be able to handle both of them?

Of course, just let you’re AllCity Wireless representative know what equipment you are currently using and we will help you configure your WiDirect to include all of these variables when monitoring the network.