Very Easy, Super Smart.

The WiDirect appliance provides a simple and economical way to deploy, sell and manage small to large scale wireless networks. The WiDirect provides the provisioning software to manage both users, and the network itself. The WiDirect also supports any sales model, be it advertising, fee based or a hybrid approach, and moreover is 100% scalable to accommodate your network’s growth.

The WiDirect eliminates residual fees to 3rd party vendors by providing a comprehensive solution for user authentication, network monitoring and all other services required to operate the network. The WiDirect has an easy to use graphic user interface making the navigation of the system the most intuitive in the market. The WiDirect will have your network up and running quickly, as well as providing limitless customizations for end user experience.

Get easy, cost-effective ‘grow as you go’ network infrastructure for rapid service and network expansion of your wireless service. The WiDirect is 100% vendor agnostic and there are specific service modules for our partners. The WiDirect supports multi-vendor networks and in most cases allows for roaming from one vendor’s access point to another, all in the same network cloud. Employing the WiDirect ensures you are never boxed in.


• Multiple Service Tiers in any network
• Plug & Play Network Deployment
• Built in network services: RADIUS, DNS, DHCP, Syslog, FTP
• Multiple SSIDs
• Built-In Security Suite
• Automated daily system backups for emergency recovery
• Integrated Network Monitoring with WiFi Mesh Graphs

User Experience Features

• Upsell network access based on time and/or bandwidth
• Walled Garden Support
• Splash Pages
• MAC address based authentication
• Credit Card Processing / Common Payment Gateways
• Site Branding
• User self registration & support