HotSpot 2.0 / Passpoint: What is it?

HotSpot 2.0 / Passpoint: What is it?

Passpoint is a secure authentication process that functions as an alternative conduit for the efficient movement of cellular data.

We know what you’re thinking. What does that mean?

Simply put, it means that your Wi-Fi users can easily log in to your network without the worry of anyone, neither you nor a third party, seeing their data, collecting their information, or subjecting them to any form of advertising*.

In fact, in this day of security breaches exposing major corporations such as Target, Yahoo, Facebook, and Equifax to millions of dollars in liability, you can provide users with a secure, seamless, experience over multiple Wi-Fi networks and not risk a data breach, because you don’t have their data.

In short, AllCity Wireless Passpoint protects your users and your business.

Why is AllCity Wireless Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 a safe authentication option?
• It encrypts user credentials, and user traffic
• It keeps credentials securely in SIM or certificate format
• It’s built on WPA2 Enterprise, and now allows authentication with carriers.

It also means once logged in, they can roam just as they would with the phone’s cellular connection through multiple Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 networks.

Hotspot 2.0 / Passpoint Gives Users and Admin What they Want

Users want one basic thing: ease of use. Network administrators want something else: security. These are not mutually exclusive. Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 provides to Wi-Fi users an easy, no-hassle login wherever it’s implemented. Network administrators are given encryption technology to provide security to the network and protect your business. Administrators currently do not have an easy way to deliver secure Wi-Fi to guests. AllCity Wireless Passpoint suite allows administrators to deliver credentials via mobile app or www, in addition to roaming with carriers.

Let’s look at a couple of problems we solve.

Problem 1: Logging in again and again… and again.
Guests/users want to login once and have access everywhere. AllCity Wireless’s Passpoint/Hotspot 2.0 leverages carrier agreements to enable a user to log in once and experience seamless login wherever Passpoint is available. All this happens behind the scenes, the user does nothing but enjoy your Wi-Fi. As a plus to the venue, its wireless experience is load-balanced automatically between Wi-Fi and cellular so that data is distributed evenly with no chokepoints.

Problem 2: Over the air third party interception (Spoofing)
Let’s say you just went to your local coffee shop and logged on to their Wi-Fi. How did you know that network SSID was the correct one? Because it had the name of the venue, right? Well, anyone can set up an SSID and name it whatever they like. There could literally be two guys in a van in the parking lot broadcasting a fraudulent SSID into the shop at which you’re enjoying your latte… and they’re collecting all the data they can to sell overseas. This is called spoofing. Spoofing happens. AllCity Wireless Roaming hub prevents spoofing because once the user authenticates to the correct Wi-Fi network, they’re authenticated automatically wherever Passpoint is. This brings cellular level encryption to your Wi-Fi users/network.

Problem 3: Data breach through shared passwords in “encrypted” Wi-Fi networks
“But I’m safe” you’re thinking. My coffee shop makes me log in with a password. Perhaps, they do. But more often than not, this is a shared password, everyone else uses it too. Once inside the network, anyone with that same password and the right software can see and capture anyone else’s network data. Uh oh!

A little technical stuff, in case someone asks

How does Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 keep users and networks safe? By using carrier level Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to protect over the air (OTA) traffic and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) for authentication, eliminating man-in-the-middle (MITM) or rogue AP attacks. We allow your Wi-Fi users’ phones to terminate this EAP connection directly with the carrier, just like cellular.

How powerful is this encryption? With today’s super computers it would take a brute force attack over a billion years to crack it. Here’s what is looks like in mathematics language: 1.02 x 1018. Carl Sagan would be proud.

How do I get started with AllCity Wireless Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0?

Contact AllCity Wireless today at 443-294-0000. We will conduct an evaluation of your equipment in conjunction with your IT personnel. The proper equipment must be Hotspot 2.0 certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Once the equipment is found to be compliant, AllCity Wireless will analyze configurations for security risks and lastly propose a development plan to essentially “Bolt On” the Passpoint system. Most implementations can be accomplished remotely, within a few hours resulting in a better secured Wi-Fi environment. AllCity Wireless’ monthly traffic flow will also result in a monthly payment to your organization.

*Carriers can provide security on their network but cannot guarantee security or performance of third-party networks.