Nortel has announced several new municipal wireless deployments that it says demonstrate the company’s strength in helping governments embrace broadband wireless as a strategic way to deliver efficient services that keep communities safe and productive, as well as economically competitive.  New Nortel customers include Carlsbad, New Mexico; Occoquan Wireless in Occoquan- owned by AllCity Wireless, Virginia and Ronco Communications in Niagara County, New York.

According to a company statement, Nortel combines a comprehensive portfolio of Wireless Mesh, Wireless LAN and WiMAX technologies with a full suite of Nortel Global Services, giving customers the solutions they need to design, deploy, support and evolve municipal wireless networks.

Nortel’s experience designing, launching and installing hundreds of public and private wireless networks around the world, the company says, helps customers offset risk in building privately-funded networks.  For municipalities interested in partnering with private sector companies, Nortel can help connect customers with operators that best meet the economic development and public safety needs of the community.

With a population of 26,000, Carlsbad, New Mexico is on the brink of massive and rapid economic growth.  The city’s close proximity to California makes it an attractive location for high tech and hospitality businesses, as well as an ideal travel destination for thousands of tourists each year. To compliment the success of the growing community, the Carlsbad Department of Development worked with local service provider Windstream Communications to deploy Nortel’s Wireless Mesh Network solution to create a wireless hot zone covering the commercial downtown area. The new network enables residents and visitors to use laptops or wireless handheld devices to access the public Internet and helps the City of Carlsbad expand its economic opportunities by attracting and retaining new businesses.

“With an influx of economic activity and new growth, we needed a broadband wireless service that would further Carlsbad’s ability to compete with other urban areas for new business while at the same time maintaining the charm of its small town roots, and Nortel gave us the perfect solution,” said Robert Detweiler, executive director, Carlsbad Department of Development. “Our long term vision is to expand wireless broadband access throughout the city and into many of the new complexes being built along the Pecos River.  As our community grows, so too will our wireless network-it is the backbone of our economic development.”

The picturesque town of Occoquan, Virginia is situated 20 miles south of Washington, D.C. on the banks of the Occoquan River and has gained notoriety as one of America’s most haunted towns.  Occoquan Wireless, a franchise of AllCity Wireless, is using Nortel’s Wireless Mesh Network solution to deliver wireless broadband service in Occoquan for merchants, residents and the thousands of tourists who visit the town each year.   By offering sponsorships and advertising on its splash page to local businesses, Occoquan Wireless is able to provide wireless broadband coverage free of charge across Occoquan’s waterfront Historic District which features more than 100 antique, art and craft shops and restaurants, as well as a bustling marina.

“One of our most important goals is to improve conditions for merchants and visitors in our historic district, and wireless broadband access is an important step in that direction,” said Earnie Porta, mayor of Occoquan.