AllCity Wireless has been creating a stir in the technology industry in recent months with its advancing product, the WiDirect. Since it’s inception in 2004, the AllCity Wireless team has been committed to developing state of the art technology solutions that increase information sharing.  What started with Annapolis Wireless Internet, a vision to provide the delivery of advertising supported broadband wireless Internet services has evolved into the AllCity Wireless we know today.  AllCity Wireless is a vertically integrated wireless network provider offering robust turn-key services and solutions for all your wireless needs.

During the construction of their first network in Annapolis, Maryland, AllCity Wireless identified several missing hardware components necessary for public Internet access deployments. In order to fill these gaps, the company designed and built customized hardware and software solutions that can easily be resold as complete appliances to customers with similar networking needs.  The AllCity Wireless vision and thorough approach to development has paved the way for WiDirect, a comprehensive, customizable, simple way to spend less and get more out of your wireless network.

At the core, the AllCity Wireless turn-key network solution is a custom designed network appliance and control module. The WiDirect is a server based solution for managing, monitoring, and monetizing public access wireless network deployments. The WiDirect is a scaleable and simple way to deploy, sell, and manage large-scale wireless networks. It is the core of any public network business, be it advertisement, fee based subscription, or hybrid model. The WiDirect provides the “back-office” software required to glue the business together by managing users and the network itself. As a secondary offering, AllCity Wireless operates a products and professional services division focused on developing and integrating wireless networking solutions.

On display in June 2007 in Newton, Massachusetts, the WiDirect was received enthusiastically by the industry, prompting the recent appearance during the MuniWireless show in

Santa Clara, California in October. Last Mile magazine featured a follow up story on the AllCity Wireless WiDirect, as did the MuniWireless magazine and website, just to name a few. These rave reviews emitted by the industry are due to the customizability and scalability of the WiDirect as well as the unsurpassed customer service and knowledge base of AllCity Wireless.  The AllCity Wireless team is comprised of communication and wireless technology experts with years of experience in integrating technology solutions that increase information sharing efficiencies and effectiveness for a wide range of private and public organizations. AllCity Wireless is highly regarded for its unsurpassed expertise, quality of work, and the ability to minimize initial capital outlays, reduce deployment time, lower operations costs, and increase the value of services.The corner stone of the AllCity Wireless philosophy is to bring customers the most sophisticated technology available including the most advanced and secure WiFi, and WiMax, network solutions for high-speed data, voice, and voice applications. The technology deployed is the same state-of-the-art mobile wireless technology currently used by the military, homeland security, emergency services, and the healthcare industry.For more information, please visit or e-mail