Annapolis, MD–Jul. 16, 2009–The Technical Standards Committee “A” (Telecommunications) of the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), a division of the United States Department of Agriculture, has accepted WiDirect Portal Gateway lineup for inclusion in the Rural Utility Services List of Materials. The product is now acceptable for use on Telecommunications systems of RUS borrowers.

RUS provides funding to Rural Telephone Companies – namely Independent Operating Companies (IOCs) and Rural Local Exchange Carriers (RLECs) – for telecommunications initiatives in rural communities throughout the

United States. These initiatives include financing construction, procurement of equipment, and enhancements to networks.

AllCity Wireless’ WiDirect device provides a scalable and simple way to deploy, sell and manage medium to large scale wireless networks. The WiDirect provides the “back-office” software required to glue the business together by managing users and the network itself, which supports any sales model, be it advertisement, fee based or a hybrid model.

The WiDirect eliminates residual fees to outside vendors while providing a turn-key solution for all required services that normally might be outsourced such as user authentication or network monitoring, taking the guesswork out of deploying a network. Using a simple plug and play configuration, the WiDirect has an easy to use GUI user interface making the navigation of the system a snap. Get easy, cost-effective ‘grow as you go’ network support for rapid service and network expansion of your wireless service management solution.