ANNAPOLIS, MD, July 8, 2011 – AllCity Wireless’ WiDirect is the ideal appliance for operating public WiFi networks, controlling the network and managing the user experience all in one device.

The best part about the WiDirect is that it fits in networks that are yet to be built and ones already in place, meaning that you can install it at the same time as you are putting in new access points or you can install it into an operational environment. The WiDirect’s and WiClient’s versatility allows for the networks’ owner/ operator to leverage their existing network in order to offer an amenity to their customers and a means to communicate with them while shopping. WiDirect and WiClient security features insure that the enterprise is safe from both intrusion as well as liability from end user online activities.

Deploying the WiDirect, in either scenario, will allow the owner/ operator to run multiple stand alone hotspots from a centralized location from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. By continuously monitoring the network and alerting managers of changes occurring within the network, the WiDirect offers the network operator the freedom of a remotely controlled network with the same level of security and influence that can be exacted from an on site appliance. The WiDirect controls every aspect of the user experience from authentication, to bandwidth speeds, to walled garden and advertising overlays, making the possibilities for an existing or new WiFi network limited only be the imagination.

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WiDirect Version 2.0 is available as of June 20, 2011.

About AllCity Wireless 
AllCity Wireless is North America’s premier provider of turn-key network solutions for the delivery of enterprise-class wireless broadband and municipal WIFI deployments. The WiDirect product line provides the back-office OSS software required to run all facets of a network, in a scalable yet simple way to deploy, sell, manage the user experience, and the network itself in any sales model, be it advertisement, fee based, or a hybrid approach. Information about AllCity Wireless can be found at