AllCity Wireless announces their alignment with Solutions4ebiz shifts focus to hosted services moving forward.
ANNAPOLIS MD, January 4, 2012 – AllCity Wireless is expanding the hosted WiDirect Cloud services footprint with the help of Solutions4ebiz.
For customers with space limitations and the need to spare the initial expense of a WiDirect appliance on site, leveraging the hosted WiDirect services is a valuable option. With these hosted services, customers can still monitor their network, offer tiered services, control seamless user experiences for all their customers, and when the time is right, still easily migrate into their own customized WiDirect appliance if they choose.
Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Solutions4ebiz has an extensive knowledge base as well as expertise to accommodate the growing volume of hosted WiDirect services, making them a natural fit for the hosted WiDirect product line.
“Hosted services will now be hosted exclusively by Solutions4ebiz for the WiDirect services,” says Philip McQuade, President and General Manager of AllCity Wireless, “which allows us a greater capacity than we previously had available. This expansion of space in cloud services will allow us to expand these offerings even faster than previously designed, in order to meet the growing demand of our hosted customers.”
Service fees for the hosted WiDirect line will continue to be the lowest in the industry and are based on a per hosted WiClient schedule. There are still no per user management fees and the hosted WiDirect solution works on a simple flat rate, per location.

For more information about AllCity Wireless’ hosted services, please visit:

About AllCity Wireless
AllCity Wireless is North America’s premier provider of turnkey network solutions for the delivery of enterprise-class wireless broadband and municipal WIFI deployments. The WiDirect and WiClient product line provides the solution required to run all facets of a wireless network in a scalable yet simple way. The AllCity Wireless suite of Cloud-based and premise-based solutions allows network operators and managers to deploy, sell, manage the user experience, and manage the network itself in any sales model, be it advertising-based, fee-based, or a hybrid approach.

WiDirect and WiClient are open architecture as well as radio vendor agnostic; with a low cost of ownership they offer a rapid return on investment.

About Solutions4ebiz
Solutions4ebiz, headquartered in the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area, specializes in Internet technology solutions for service providers, small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises. With leading expertise in hardware and software distribution, custom software development, website design, managed hosting and IT support, the company helps its clients strategically select the best technology solutions for their business needs. For more information, call 877-666-3249.