AllCity Wireless announces 2011 WiDirect sales reached record levels in both profitability and revenue growth making 2011 the best year to date for the innovative Tech firm.

ANNAPOLIS MD, January 11, 2012 – AllCity Wireless ended fiscal year 2011 by surpassing its goals for increased growth and profit. The 127% sales increase over 2010 continues the growth AllCity has seen over the past six years, and further rapid growth is anticipated in the year to come.

“It’s one of the advantages of being an efficient and relatively small-sized business,” says Philip McQuade, President and General Manager at ACW. “We have the agility and the technical expertise to make advances to meet your customers’ needs much faster than some larger firms. This also allows us to stay innovative and ahead of the curve. We are particularly proud of our continued growth success in lieu of an adverse economic climate, and also creating jobs and manufacturing products here in the United States”
AllCity Wireless has incorporated a number of enhancements into its WiDirect platform during the past year, including updated hardware, a more robust features list and its evolution to meet specific customers’ needs.
AllCity Wireless also introduced cloud- hosted WiDirect platform this past year, to which McQuade attributes much of the success AllCity Wireless enjoyed in 2011. “The hosted services we now offer helps to complement the WiDirect product line, and to bring our customers another step closer to customizing their business and benefitting from our flexibility in order to get established.”
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About AllCity Wireless
AllCity Wireless is North America’s premier provider of turnkey network solutions for the delivery of enterprise-class wireless broadband and municipal WIFI deployments. The WiDirect and WiClient product line provides the solution required to run all facets of a wireless network in a scalable yet simple way. The AllCity Wireless suite of Cloud-based and premise-based solutions allows network operators and managers to deploy, sell, manage the user experience, and manage the network itself in any sales model, be it advertising-based, fee-based, or a hybrid approach.

WiDirect and WiClient are open architecture as well as radio vendor agnostic; with a low cost of ownership they offer a rapid return on investment. Information about AllCity Wireless can be found at