The City of Greenville installed a Wireless Mesh solution as a pilot to provide citizens and visitors free WIFI access in Uptown Greenville NC for economic development.  After several months of the installation we discovered that city council wanted to see how the investment was going and we discover that the wireless solution had no reporting capabilities.  We then discovered that ACW had a solution that would provided us reporting and much much more like ftp, dhcp, radius & visual mapping of the AP transit links.  We then proceeded with the purchase of the WiDirect by ACW and it has made our management of the wireless Mesh a breeze.  Listed below are some of the thing that have made our purchase of the AWI box worth mentioning to others.
First of all the Engineers are very knowledgeable of the Wireless Networks.
Second they are easy to contact and provide proactive support.
Third the WiDirect  has provided us with the tools necessary for reporting and managing our mesh network.
Finally they are constantly upgrading the software and adding new features.