ANNAPOLIS, MD,April 3, 2012 – AllCity Wireless announces its latest software release for the WiDirect and WiClient product line: WiDirect ver. 2.2.

This latest release of the WiDirect code addresses many customer requests as well as adds to stability and functionality.  Controlling a wireless deployment is an ever evolving task and the WiDirect 2.2 ver. software show how flexible the WiDirect is. Whether Hosted or Appliance based, the WiDirect can control multiple stand alone hotspots from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Billing and roaming are now more flexible allowing large operators to offer service anywhere in the world. Included in WiDirect’s 2.2 are several software enhancements to better accommodate the user’s experiences and overall capacity. Here is a partial list of the latest updates.

  • Security and stability improvements
  • Support for profile specific accounts and limited access for administrators that can only see and make changes to their profile
  • User account MAC address restrictions- An account can now be limited to a certain number of devices access the network
  • Additional upgraded registration and billing reports
  • Improved active user reporting
  • FirstData payment gateway support
  • CIM support and recurring billing
  • Additional support for clustering WiDirects
  • Increased Login Page Customization from GUI
  • Support for the New BelAir BA20E (Basic configuration of SSID and encryption settings is available)
  • Additional EnGenius EAP9550 support
  • Additional AP data sent to WiDirect for AP status viewing
  • Content filtering- List of sites editable from the web
  • Optional LDAP Authentication for logins
  • Additional options when configuring logins via RADIUS
  • Additional options can be enabled through SSH:
  • The user’s registration date can be modified to give the user more time.
  • A user’s number of simultaneous connections allowed can be modified.
  • Plan setup costs (charged only the first time they choose a plan on a recurring plan)
  • Reports for number of connections/registrations per hour.
  • Download usage reports per WiClient.
  • User’s connection history shows the WiClient the user is using.
  • Improved roaming between WiClients.
  • Added invoice number and item description to payment emails.