AllCity Wireless announces its latest software release for the WiDirect product line: WiDirect ver. 2.3.

This latest release of the WiDirect adds additional GUI (graphic user interface) changes to allow for enhanced features and customization by operators. The WiDirect 2.3 includes bulk coupon upload, additional purchase reports, and increased control over the access plans available on each part of the network. A registration page for new WiDirect operators will be displayed to help us better serve our customers.

Controlling the end user experience has never been easier with the new access plan options available, various improvements to authenticate users automatically from their device’s MAC address, and the throttling of bandwidth when a data cap is reached. The new plan options give more control over how long users may stay connected, and how many unique devices they are permitted to connect with. Allowing the end user to access secure web sites, such as PayPal, before registering has also been simplified with the introduction of firewall rules that automatically update when the server’s IP changes.

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WiDirect Version 2.3 is available as of August 14, 2012.