In September 2012, AllCity Wireless’ WiDirect was installed in the public WIFI internet access system for the visitors and residents of the City of Miami Beach, FL.

The City, which had been using aging equipment, looked to find a solution that not only handled all their technical requirements, but also enhanced user experience and operating efficiency.

It was determined that the addition of WiDirect Carriers for network management would meet all the City’s objectives in the most cost-effective manner. The migration to WiDirect was quick; the entire process was completed in one morning.

After switching to the WiDirect, the network has seen increased usage. There are now fewer man-hours utilized servicing and troubleshooting the network, including end user issues, reducing the overhead costs.

“The migration to the WiDirect platform was seamless, and it gives us much more control and ease of use over our operations,” said Trish Walker, CFO of the City of Miami Beach.

And with the scalability of the WiDirect, the City can now further expand their network with ease.