Recently a small ISP in Nebraska was looking to find new sources of revenue. Their small residential network was growing at a slower pace than planned and in order to survive, a new revenue source would be needed.

Since there was already a residential network in place, the ISP wanted to try expanding their reach to the public and perhaps transition into a municipal WiFi network. A lot of money had been invested in the residential network and unless they could contain costs, expanding wasn’t a viable option.

During the planning stages, several options were given to the ISP but the one that had the most promise was a hybrid residential/ public WiFi network. With the infrastructure already in place for the residential network, the idea was to incorporate the billing options of the residential network into a public WiFi to offer both services to current as well as prospective customers.

With the use of the AllCity Wireless WiDirect server, the ISP was able to maintain their current residential network, as well as add a second revenue stream by offering wireless service to residents as well as guests. The WiDirect allowed the ISP to use their existing RADIUS billing system for their residential and current customers, but to also offer pass-codes and one-time credit card billing options for transient users.

The AllCity Wireless WiDirect also cut down on the ISP’s overhead for provisioning costs by allowing users to manage their own accounts online as well as add new devices or users as needed, without the need of a truck roll or a phone call.

Thanks to the implementation of the WiDirect in the network, the ISP was able to triple their subscriber base with minimal added cost and more than doubled their income by offering turnkey solutions to their community. Recently the ISP was approached to install, maintain and support a Municipal WiFi solution to help streamline the city’s network operations.

Using the AllCity Wireless WiDirect server allows any service provider the ability to expand their network at minimal cost to help enhance service and expand their network from a traditional wired network to a wireless network helping to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. With the AllCity Wireless family of transport-agnostic servers, WiDirect can accommodate any network and help expand service offerings, thereby increasing profit to network operators.