Launch of ÜberWi Allows Businesses to Easily and Cost-Effectively Leverage Wi-Fi Networks as a New Channel for Customer Engagement

ANNAPOLIS, MD, USA, April 21, 2015 – AllCity Wireless, an innovative provider of solutions for enterprise-class wireless broadband and Wi-Fi deployments, today introduced ÜberWi, a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to quickly and economically manage and monetize their Wi-Fi networks in an efficient and easy-to-use manner. With ÜberWi, network owners can now transform their Wi-Fi network from an expense into a new channel for customer engagement capable of driving new revenue streams.

According to many Wi-Fi industry experts, finding ways to monetize free network connectivity is one of the main challenges facing the industry. This challenge is one that is relevant to many business owners who have traditionally deployed Wi-Fi networks as a courtesy to customers visiting their place of business without receiving anything other than customer satisfaction in return. With the introduction of ÜberWi, AllCity Wireless is addressing this challenge by providing businesses with a cloud-based Wi-Fi management service offering for easily and economically managing and monetizing their Wi-Fi networks.

“Today, businesses typically deploy Wi-Fi networks and offer connectivity to customers at an expense without realizing the potential strategic benefit to the business,” said Phil McQuade, President and CEO, AllCity Wireless. “We believe that Wi-Fi networks possess the ability to provide businesses with significant benefits in terms of improved customer experience and revenue-creation. The addition of ÜberWi to the AllCity portfolio of solutions allows us to meet the varying needs of network owners as they look to unlock the value that ubiquitous Wi-Fi can provide from both a monetization and management perspective.”

A Truly Flexible Solution
ÜberWi possesses a level of flexibility across several areas that is unmatched in today’s Wi-Fi industry. From a deployment perspective, ÜberWi supports a wide range of deployment scenarios in terms of network size, scale and interoperability with existing solutions.

Ease of Deployment
By simply connecting an ÜberWi gateway to an Internet connection and existing access points, businesses have the ability to centrally manage one or thousands of Wi-Fi networks easily, from anywhere through an intuitive cloud-based management interface. Through this platform, businesses have the ability to easily create customizable user experiences, and insert promotions and offers that are directly targeted to their customers. This provides businesses with the ability to generate additional revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing programs with complementary businesses and service providers.

From a management perspective, network traffic and usage can be seen and managed remotely from a single cloud-based dashboard. Businesses also have visibility into analytics related to the click-through rates of promotions and offers to determine which most resonate with their customers.

A Solution for Every Need
The introduction of ÜberWi adds another compelling Wi-Fi management solution to the AllCity Wireless solution portfolio. In addition to ÜberWi, which represents a cloud-based offering, the company also offers WiDirect, a premises-based solution which contains an adaptive solution set for more advanced deployments.

ÜberWi will be available for deployments beginning in Q2 2015 either through an authorized reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR) or integrator. Companies interested in becoming a distribution partner of ÜberWi solutions should contact AllCity Wireless directly.

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